Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How we survived 2012

First off, as my husband would put it, congratulations on surviving the end of the world!  I wasn't really all that worried, but find it humerus to congratulate people.

Anyway, that's my lame attempt at humor and now onto how our year went.

As a family we have had a fantastic year!  We turned a huge milestone with all the kids going to school, giving me a small break twice a week.  We accomplished something I wasn't sure was possible and took our 4 kids aged 2-6 on a week long vacation to Disney, thanks to very generous in-laws.  We also made the biggest and (for me) scariest decision of our lives together...  We decided this will be our last year living in Holland and will move this summer back to the Ludington area to be closer to our families.  This means Jesse is going to leave a very secure job even if he ends up having to work 2 jobs to make up the difference.  Our reasoning?  So our kids can grow up in the environment we want them to be in.  A beautiful area close to their family.  Family is the most important part of this.  Jesse grew up away from his entire family (most of them located in Chicago or the Philippians .  He didn't realize what he missed out on until he met me and my incredibly dysfunctional, yet close family.  It has become a very important part of his life, has always been a very important part of my life and we want it to be the most important part of our childrens' lives.

With this move, I will also be returning to work, but on a more sporadic basis.  I will be substitute teaching for the first year.  After that I will look into a more permanent job within the schools.  I would be extremely happy as just an assistant or working in an office.  Jesse will continue his bachelor's degree and once that is complete I will look into taking classes so I can renew my teaching licence.

Most would think it was the jobs that make me the most nervous about moving, but it is actually trying to find a place to live.  We have a rather large family and we have pets.  Pets seem to be the breaking point for most landlords in Mason county.  In the research I have done, I come up with next to no housing that allows pets that is not an apartment complex.  Which is not where we should live...  I'm okay with small quarters, but 4 kids less than 4 years apart does not work well in an apartment. *sigh*

We do have another 6-8 months to figure this out.  Jesse always tells me things will be okay and he is usually right.  I just wish I could let things go and not worry like he does.  I think my quality of life would greatly improve if I could just relax a little.  This goes along with my last blog and is definitely something I will be working on in the future.

Anywho, back to our year.  The kids have grown so much in the last year.  They all officially potty trained during the day.  I'm okay with diapers at bedtime instead of all day long.  Though I am excited at the thought of no diapers at all.  Mostly for convenience purposes and because I know it bothers my 7 year old that he cannot stay dry at night.

Other kid things, our youngest can ride a two-wheeled bike without training wheels.  Our twins are like little fish with arm floats in a pool and are not afraid to try anything...  And I mean anything.  The things they come up with and try, amaze me.  It also worries me for when they are older.

We have also officially reached the not able to spell things to keep them a secret phase.  Our oldest can read and spell and this has become a learning experience for all of us.  There are so many things he can see now that he can read that we would rather he didn't.  Like post-it notes to each other.  Or just different ads on the side of the road or commercials.  The hardest part is convincing him that what he thinks it means is not what it really means.  For example the Disney commercials advertising "cheap" or "affordable" vacations for families.  What Dominic knows is we are a family and we don't do something unless it is cheap or affordable.  SO,  he thinks it should be no problem to go back to Disney for another vacation.  Try explaining that to a 7 year old.

All of the kids have started religious education classes as well, allowing for Jesse and I to have a short "date night" each week.  We thought this would be a blessing, but has turned into a struggle instead.  We have found that Saviera has greatly taken to her religion, which is a great thing.  However, the questions she comes up with or what she thinks she is learning are very difficult for us to answer.  Her answer for everything now is "because God wants it that way" or "because God made me like that."  How do you argue with that coming from an almost 5 year old.

Wow, almost 5 years old!  I also cannot believe we have survived 5 years with twins, girls at that.  It seems like just yesterday I was complaining of no sleep because at least one of them was awake all night long.  Or complaining about them taking diapers off and playing with the contents.  Yeah, that was gross and horrid.  Now I look at 2 beautiful faces of little girls who are growing up to become the most independent little ladies I have ever met.

Then there are my boys who look so much alike but are completely different.  I have Dominic, a very sensitive, car loving mini Jesse who can argue just like his mamma.  He's only 7 and already I have a hard time remembering him as a baby, it seems so long ago.  Finally there is Keldan, my 3 year old who is the same size as my 4 year old twins.  If it weren't for his platinum blond hair versus their dark/golden blond I think most people would think they were triplets.  Yes, we have been asked that on more than one occasion.    My little guy is truly a mamma's boy who loves sports, especially baseball.  He sleeps with his glove, ball and bat like most kids do their favorite teddy bear.  He is the sweetest little kid I have ever met and is every one of of his siblings' favorite sibling to be with.  He will share everything he has with anyone, no questions asked.  I hope he keeps this through out his life, if he does he will be very lucky.

Okay, I've gotten a bit off track bragging about my kids instead of telling you about my year.  But that's okay, because they are my life, so I guess they were my year too.

Hugs, B.

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